Today’s Grapevine show: Manorun

November 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

An intern at Manorun: from, Meghan Oldham

On The Grapevine today we spoke to Chris Krucker from Manorun farm, a family-run farm in Copetown. Here is a bit of what we talked about:

Grace: “What do you think that some of the more satisfying aspects of your journey from bad food to good food have been?”

Chris: “We’ve noticed, my family has noticed, that our health is a lot better, so that’s a real bonus. We produced a good percentage of our own food, our meats and our vegetables, and so we’ve changed our diet a lot. We used to be like other people, addicted to fast food. You know that feeling when you’re driving down the road and you can feel the Harvey’s calling you. Like, why? It doesn’t call us anymore. So we did a transition, we slowly changed our food.”

Grace: “So you don’t feel those cravings anymore for hamburgers or anything? Not even Oreos? What about Oreos?”

Chris: “I mean I like sweet food, but I’d never go to Oreos. There’s stuff in that food that is addictive, and the marketing. We’ve freed ourselves. We are free, and you can be too. (Laughs.) And it’s good food, especially when the food is full of the nutrition that you need, so you’re satisfied when you eat. A lot of what we do is that we eat together. We’re the old style, breakfast, lunch – except when the kids are at school – dinner, sit down and the meal was made my Denise or I, try to get the kids involved with that too, and everyone is expected to sit and participate. It’s become a community thing, a family thing, not a rush thing… I remember the first time we sat down and the entire meal was from the farm, and we were like wow. Well now that’s the norm. We don’t even notice that anymore. Most of what we eat comes from the farm, whenever we eat, so that’s great.”

If you’re interested in interning at Manorun or another farm in Ontario, check out the CRAFT program that Chris mentioned on the show. CRAFT stands for Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in Ontario.

Listen to the show at, and search The Grapevine!

An intern at Manorun: from, Meghan Oldham


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