The Grapevine: Have your healthy food and eat it too

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday on The Grapevine we talked to SHEC University Relations Katelyn Cassin and MSU President Mary Koziol about SHEC’s food magazine Have Your Healthy Food and Eat It Too. Listen to the show (stream or download “07.01.2011”) on CFMU.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine at SHEC’s New Years Resolutions Fair on January 12th, from 10-2 in the MUSC atrium. I’m also going to try to post the magazine as a PDF on the blog on Wednesday, if I can figure out how to!

Here’s a taste of the show:

Grace: “I wanted to ask about the balance in the cookbook, because it’s geared towards students … between idealistic and realistic. The one recipe that I was looking at for… Frosty Pink Lemonade Pops. That is a very basic recipe and it’s using kind of processed ingredients, cranberry juice cocktail and lemonade concentrate. That isn’t necessarily a super, Martha Stewart “let’s grind our own lemonade and harvest cranberries,” so it’s not super idealistic and using local ingredients, but it’s doable because no student is actually going to do the Martha Stewart route. Within the recipes that you chose to include, how did you balance that idealistic vs. realistic?

Katelyn: The overarching tone with all of it is healthy, and then as a subnote, a very important subnote is the local part, and another very important subnote is how feasible it is for students. For the most part what was considered when picking these recipes was how much dairy products are we getting, are we using full creams or half creams, are we using prepared foods? Yeah, frozen juice concentrate isn’t the best, but it has to be realistic for students. So some of the recipes are definitely a bit more idealistic, there’s a Thai squash marinade that takes a while, that’s maybe a recipe you try after you’ve tried some of the others. But there are really basic ones that will hopefully get you started on making lifestyle changes towards the healthier, that’s the hope behind the magazine that it helps people the first step to making a lifestyle change.

SHEC’s New Years Resolution Fair: A New Year State of Mind
Wednesday January 12th
Student Centre Atrium

Whether you’re aiming to eat healthier, increase your fitness, get involved in a new activity, or make a difference in someone else’s life, SHEC has the fair for you! Join us for your 2011 resolution inspiration!


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