Red Hill Coffee Trade

January 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the local roasters that we interviewed for The Grapevine’s coffee show is Red Hill Coffee Trade.

Jason and Rachel Holfing started their business a few years ago. They roast the coffee at a roastery on the Hamilton Mountain. When Alex and I interviewed Jason and his apprentice Chris Godwaldt for The Grapevine, Jason told us about his entry into the world of Fair Trade coffee. Working for FedEx Jason was disappointed in the constant consumerism he saw and packaging waste that was produced. As he was increasingly drawn to the world of coffee – not just because of his love for the drink, but because of the kind of environment that coffee facilitated, an artistic and community-based space – he decided to combine his appreciation for ethical business and for coffee into a Fair Trade roastery.

Talking to the Red Hill folks in November was easy; we just showed up at the chilly roastery and met Chris, who brewed us a buttery Sumatran and soon Jason bounced in, with an envelope that contained their acceptance to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market! The guys were really nice and what was so amazing about out conversation was their commitment and dedication to the city of Hamilton.

The cup of coffee we drank that day was delicious! As Chris brought out the coffee, the cups and some sugar, I quietly winced at the lack of milk or cream available. I quietly poured myself a mug of the coffee and stirred in some sugar, braced myself for the naked bitter bite, but none came. It was the first cup of coffee that I didn’t need milk in! So good! Made from beans that had been roasted earlier that day, it had a full bodied taste, buttery, and not at all bitter or acidic. Delicious!!

Check out the Red Hill Coffee Trade booth at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market on February 1st when it opens!


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