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January 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

We spoke to Josie Rudderham and Nicole Sherman of the Cake and Loaf bakery, soon to be open on Dundurn.

What is unique about Cake and Loaf is that they offer a CSB (Community Supported Baking) and that they use organic, fair trade and local ingredients. A CSB is where you pay a monthly subscription fee for a weekly basket of baked goods. The most popular CSB they offer is the Weekly Treat, which is $70 monthly for one 2lb whole grain sandwich loaf, 6 healthy seasonal muffins and 250g bag decadent cookies, every week.

red velvet beet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and gumpaste flowers

vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and royal icing monogram letters

They do amazing cakes too!

third birthday mad hatter tea party theme

Here is a bit of the interview:

Grace: Can you speak to a bit what your values are in terms of using local ingredients?

Josie: It’s something that I really grew up with. I’ve been going to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market since I can remember. For me it was that you get to know these famers and you get to know their families, and that’s where the importance of supporting local agriculture came home for me. Now that I am a mother myself, and I’m dealing with raising a child and trying to give them the best start in life, I think it’s really important that our children recognize where their food comes from… the fact that carrots grow in the ground and sometimes they have dirt on them, if you were only buying at the grocery store and you never bought from anywhere else you might not realize that. Supporting local businesses is important for us in terms of nutrition, because the food is healtier and fresher, they often don’t use as many pesticides… and we’re supporting local families, which is what we’d like people to do for us as well… The more you get into it the more you want to do it, it’s kind of addictive actually, Sourcing out all of these little suppliers, finding their niche products, the things that they offer that no one else does.

G: Was is easy to find local suppliers for everything?

Josie: We haven’t found Hamilton flour yet. We’re using Oak Manor Farms, an orgnaic farm in Travistock, 30 kilometers away probably. They mill and use all local flours, and a lot of what they do is organic as well. We are constantly looking for new suppliers, and the closer to home the better. Butter is a challenge we’ve had, we haven’t found a good supplier for local butter. Our organic and free range eggs come from the Primavera Farms in Dundas, I took my daughter out to meet the chickens, these are the chickens that our eggs from, and I think that’s fabulous. It’s an ongoing project for sure, finding local suppliers.

Grace: Does it ever inspire different kind of products?

Josie: We bake seasonally, that’s a huge thing. You end up in October, November with a pile of beets, and some zucchini, you have to use these things, because they came out of the garden, my husband actually grows a lot of what we use ourselves, you definitely find a use that you never though of putting things in cupcakes. I think sugar is another big thing, we try to use honey and maple syrup as much as possible, and that definitely changes how you approach a recipe and what kind of recipes you use. We still use a lot of refined sugars in our cakes, we haven’t gotten 100% there, but that’s a project Nickey is working on.

Nickey: …With the red velvet cupcake, the original recipe for that, it’s a large amount of red food dye, which I wouldn’t condsider feeding to my childen or anyone for that matter, because of the health issues. Using beets was an  healthier alternative.

Josie: It comes with the bonus of the added nutrients. It’s essentially replacing a chemical with something that comes with a whole bunch of bonuses.

Listen to the whole show on CFMU by searching “The Grapevine” and stream or download the show titled “2011-01-21.”


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