The Grapevine: Better Bitters and Nickel Brook

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

A couple of Fridays ago Alex and I had a great chat with John Romano of Better Bitters. John told us that when you make booze for a living you collect a lot of friends, but it’s easy to see that it’s not his easy access to libations, but his friendly demeanor that makes him so popular.

We, ah, sampled some of the product before going on air. The Green Apple is delicious. I love cider but it really is too sweet to drink more than a couple of pints, and this is the best of both worlds. Crisp, not too sweet and nice and smooth. This is probably one of my favourite beers now!

Alex was a big fan of the Gluten-Free beer, which is fresh-tasting and sweet. They brew the beer from sorghum syrup and pear juice, which makes for a crisp, light taste that went well with the delicious fish tacos Alex made us for dinner after the show. The can is pretty too. Apparently they can’t label it a “beer” because Health Canada’s dictates that to be classified as beer it must contain at least some barley or wheat. There is a good article about the new “beer” in the Star.


  • Company name: Better Bitters Brewing Co.
  • LCBO Number: 191288
  • Size: 473 mL
  • 5% abv
  • Price per can: $ 2.95

And of course we sampled the Organic Lager which is delicious and refreshing. As someone fairly new to beer in general – I’ve only been drinking beer for about a year and a half now – I do enjoy this can, probably because it’s so light tasting.

You can visit the Nickel Brook Brewery in Burlington, where I’m sure you’ll receive a warm reception. You can find Nickel Brook on tap at the Phoenix and Doors Pub in Hamilton, among other places. Some of the brewery’s interesting flavours include Maple Porter and Uniek Sour Cherry Ale (on tap at The Ship if I remember correctly). And John told us that his kids and him have been working on unveiling an exciting new product: craft root beer! I hope they are serving samples of it at the Food & Drink festival next weekend!

Jesse from Homemade Crackers visited the brewery about a month ago, taking beautiful photographs yet again.

Listen to the show on CFMU and search “The Grapevine.” Listen to “11.03.2011.”


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