From the Steel City to the Big Apple

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

I apologize for the lack of frequent posts, but I have an excellent reason: I’ve moved to New York City for the summer, to do an internship with Slow Food USA. Currently SF is doing this really cool campaign in response to the proposed legislation to make taking pictures on farms illegal: Farmarazzi. Making picture-taking illegal just means that there is even less incentive for industrial farms to make their practices good, clean and fair. Not cool, so SF wants everyone to take pictures of pretty, responsible farms that have nothing to hide!

I went to the Festival of Ideas in the city on Saturday, where there was a lot of different booths about sustainability and food and general bettering-the-world things, and saw this cool t-shirt from the Hudson Valley Seed Library:

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend Katharine Snider-McNair, who will be doing some guest blogging this summer, to keep the Hamilton connection alive while I am away. My favourite person to cook with, Katharine is an excellent food adventure companion; one time we accidentally make nine pumpkin pies because we had never done it before and thought that one pie pumpkin yielded one pumpkin pie. This is not the case. Stay tuned for updates on Katharine’s Hamilton garden and recipes from the garden’s bounty!


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