Herbs, Weeds and Flickr

May 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

We are now past the Victoria Day long weekend and several days of beautiful weather has meant spending time in the garden. The area in the backyard which we had designated a herb and lettuce patch has been planted and is doing well. Digging up this area was quite the task since it had become a massive patch of goutweed. For those of you unfamiliar, goutweed is a very hardy, determined sort of plant that will take over any space in which it has been planted. This is great if you are looking for quick ground cover, but if you are trying to start a garden it’s a problem. This plant will grow even if a tiny bit of root is all that remains! After much digging and filling several brown bags of the stuff we were ready to plant some of the precious seedlings we had been growing indoors since April.

In this area we’ve put Basil, Parsley, Green Onion and two varieties of lettuce, Prizehead and Romaine. We have started the lettuce from seeds so they will take another week or so before we see evidence of them growing. Around edge of the space we’ve planted marigold to deter pests. It’s unclear exactly how well this flower works when it comes to protecting your garden. It is meant to discourage some bugs and animals with it’s scent, while attracting beneficial insects with it’s colours. A bit of internet searching will reveal that marigolds’ effectiveness is a controversial issue, so we will let you know how it goes. We’ve also staked off the area to help designate the space but also keep larger animals (deer, our dog) from bothering to check things out. So far, the herbs have adapted well to their new home and are getting bigger by the day.

In other news, Table Talk has launched a flickr page since we have lots of photos that we can’t always fit on the blog. Check it out for more images from the garden!


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