Rain, rain…

May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

So things have been pretty slow in the garden due to all the rain we have been having. Actually, things have literally come to a halt. We can’t dig or till since the ground is pretty much mud. The seedlings still indoors have stopped growing and have not been getting enough sun. Meanwhile the ‘tester’ tomato plants we did put outside have got sunburnt (ironically). They’re still alive, and trying to grow new leaves but they’re so small and might not bear much fruit before the fall. We may have to let them go. A sad garden reality that I have had trouble getting used to.

So what have we learned?

Take advantage of good weather! This is easier said than done if you’re working, away, busy, parenting, etc. but this is part of taking on a large garden. When the weather is good you have to move.

Indoor seedlings need ample sun and space. I thought ours were getting enough but since we haven’t been able to plant them outside they’ve run out of room and are starting to get long and spindly.

There is something known as “hardening” seeds, which is important to do. Our tomatoes got sunburnt just as a person would because they were exposed to strong UV rays without proper protection. If you get your seedlings adjusted to the climate by putting them outdoors in stages you should be able to avoid this. Get them used to the elements by starting in a shady place and gradually exposing them to more sun as the days progress. If it looks like the temperature might dip overnight then be sure to bring them back in. Also avoid transplanting during the hottest part of the day and give them lots of water after you’ve planted them.

But that is all the bad news. The good news is that the lettuce seeds we planted in the last post have begun to sprout, which is always exciting. Also the herbs are still holding up and the Basil is really looking like Basil.

I just lifted my head to look out the window and saw a chipmunk trying to eat one of the burnt tomato plants. They’re all yours little guy.


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