Sun, sun!

June 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Posted by Katharine

These past few days of gorgeous, warm weather have made me wish that I could make a living being outdoors. They’ve also meant that today we can finally till the garden! We’ll be planting in our fresh, clump-free soil this weekend and are really looking forward to it. In the meantime I’ve discovered our yard produces a ridiculous amount of mint and will be experimenting with various ways to use it this week!

We’ve been preparing the seedlings for their big move by putting them outside in their trays over the past few days. They need more water and attention this way but are doing fine sitting out in the shade with periodic sessions in direct sunlight. I guess for plants there is such a thing as a safe tan.

We also planted a couple pumpkin seeds the other day and after kind of forgetting about them they’ve suddenly got quite tall. I’ve got high hopes for these plants since they’re going to turn into pie pumpkins. Two years ago Grace and I made 10 pumpkin pies after falsely assuming that one pumpkin yielded about one pie. It was both a horrifying and amazing affair that involved picking up pumpkins from the farm, roasting them in the oven, blending their innards in a really old blender, making loads of pie crust and staying up far too late as they baked. This year I’m gonna try to take it to a whole new level by having grown the pumpkins from scratch! It’s mad, I know, but delicious.

In tomato news we’ve added a few Cherry tomato plants to the family and since we bought them as seedlings they are much more developed than the ones we had started ourselves. We will see how they all do over the next few weeks!


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§ 2 Responses to Sun, sun!

  • graceevans says:

    yes! does that mean we’re going to make The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie That is So Made From Scratch That We Made it From the Seed???? What a catchy title! Coming soon to a table near you this October!
    Let’s just make like, 1 or 2 this time though. Not 12. Okay Katharine?

  • katknew says:

    No way! We can’t make so few. Anti-climatic 😛

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