Slow Food USA recipe contest, also called Table Talk, weirdly enough!

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

In a suspicious turn of events, Slow Food USA, the very organization I am interning for, has just announced a recipe contest about food stories called TABLE TALK. Which has been the name of my blog for months. Hmmm.

Of course I kid, I suspect nothing but that I have excellent and tasteful blog-naming powers. But what a strange coincidence! Of course I alerted everyone at the office immediately.

Here are the contest details:

Table Talk: recipe contest highlights food stories

“Whether you turn to your food roots for inspiration or continually experiment with new flavors to share with family and friends, your plate has a lot to say. As summer harvests begin to hit full swing, what memories and experiences come to life as you shop, cook, and eat?

From now until June 17, 2011, we’re accepting submissions to Table Talk: a recipe contest that celebrates good, clean, and fair food and the stories that bring it to life. We will announce the winners in a blog post in mid-July.”


This is a cool contest! It gets people thinking about food and community, which is exactly what I love about the growing food culture in Hamilton. Don’t you? I was thinking of running a similar contest about Hamilton food stories; come back later in the week for more details!


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