Our first set of challenges

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Posted by Katharine

I’m sure all you Hamilton readers are aware of that epic storm that came through the area a couple nights ago. All that wind, rain and apparent hail seems to have taken its toll on our little plants. It also took a toll on our neighbours tree, causing it to fall onto our shed. Fortunately, everything seems to be fine including the cherry tomatoes we planted along the west wall (exactly where the tree fell!). Not as lucky, the rest of our tomatoes are looking pretty ragged, all bent over and suffering some broken branches. The garden itself was littered with sticks, leaves and branches which have been cleaned up. Meanwhile, some rabbits (I assume they’re rabbits) have eaten the leaves off of 50% of our broccoli and flea beetles are ravaging our eggplant.

In an attempt to deter the pests I’ve watered all the plants with garlic infused concoction made by adding 3 cloves of finely chopped garlic into the watering can. I don’t know how well it’s working since I caught the little bugs at it again today but perhaps its preventing even more from coming. I understand that eggplants are particularly susceptible to these kinds of insects so I’m looking into ways to protect them before it’s too late. Row covers seem to be the most common solution aside from making the plants taste of garlic or hot pepper. I’ll be putting out a bird feeder to attract some predators as well. If the plants are beyond repair we do have some back up seedlings holding out for this very occasion.

Things in the herb and lettuce patch however are looking fantastic! Some weeding needs to be done but otherwise nothing has come near those plants. Not sure what the difference is other than a very basic bamboo and twine fence which should not stop insects or rabbits by any means. Knock on wood, I’m not complaining!


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