Hamilton is delicious, right?

June 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

Posted by Grace

I recently read an essay by Brett Martin called “The FedEx Meal Plan.” Brett briefly undertook a zany plan that entailed ordering as many foods as possible from all over the world, via FedEx, to his home in Brooklyn. He ordered everything from North Carolina barbeque to Baltic herring from Sweden, and discovered, unsurprisingly, “the dark side of the miracle of everything, everywhere, all the time.” He felt that eating foreign delicacies and specialties from abroad over his sink wasn’t the same as consuming them in the place they came from, walking through loud markets or sitting in sunny parks where the food came from.

While unpaid intern work means that I am being frugal here in NYC, I allow myself tiny splurges when I visit bakeries. I had a peanut butter whoopee pie from Baked, a bakery in Brooklyn, that was cakey chocolate cookies sandwiching perfectly sweet peanut butter frosting. I tasted a fudgey, life-changing donut from Vegan Treats, who were visiting from Ohio at a craft show I was working, all dense chocolate and pink sprinkles. Last week in little Italy I had the largest chocolate cannoli, with impossibly thick cream swirling out of the ends. I am constantly in search of sweet, and it is easy to find multiple solutions to this quest in the busy city.

In an earlier blog I mentioned that Slow Food was having a potluck, and in lieu of any standard family recipes I made very improvisational butter tarts because they are Canadian and represent a bit of my history. But I’ve been thinking about food and place and Hamilton. New York City is associated with bagels, pizza, cheesecake, black and white cookies and pretty much being able to get anything you want. But what comes to mind when one thinks of Hamilton, food-wise? Do we have a specialty? We have the mustard festival but I don’t think of mustard.

I think of samosas from the Hamilton Farmers’ market and of those delicious custard cookies from Ola’s on James North. I think of Hewitt’s ice cream at the bay front, and I definitely associated Hamilton with good coffee now, thanks to Speakeasy, Red Hill and Detour. Bagels from Locke Street Bakery, pizza from the Bread Bar, and even though it hasn’t been around for very long, I will always think about Chuck’s on Locke. How can I not? That turkey, Brie and pear burger changed my life. Sweet potato fries at the Bean Bar, chocolate chip buns at Weil’s in Westdale, carrot cupcakes from My Dog Joe’s. Tacos from Mex-I-Can. And with so many surrounding farms and farmer’s markets we always have access to fresh produce.

And with Cake+Loaf opening their storefront and two new food trucks starting their routes this summer, the dining landscape of Hamilton is constantly developing.

What food associations do you make with Hamilton?


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