Curing Jet Lag with Gardening

July 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Posted by Katharine

Though I was a bit apprehensive about leaving the garden while I whisked off to the UK for 2 weeks, it turns out this is one of the best things you can do. Take that advice with a grain of salt of course, I only mean in the sense that the ‘before and after’ like transformation is pretty exciting. It seems we had luck with the weather and our plants managed to stave off pests. As a result we now have a healthy and productive garden! Of course, having good friends to help keep an eye on things is an asset.

We had some trouble with rabbits before so to scare them off we strung up some aluminum pie plates to make a clanging noise in the breeze. We also hung pantyhose filled with carbolic soap on posts around the area. The smell from the soap (particularly when it gets wet) is quite strong and is said to keep deer away. You can also make a soapy water mix with it to coat your plants to deter bugs and rodents. In contrast to everything else we’ve planted, the eggplant, which were the most ravaged by insects, have sadly not grown any bigger. This being the only piece of bad news we’re obviously really pleased.

We are starting to realize the literal fruits of our labour. We have little green tomatoes, foot-tall corn, giant broccoli and pumpkin stalks and of course, ample lettuce, parsley and basil ready to eat. Last night we made a delicious salad with greens we had started with seed, some all the way back in April. The difference between your own home-grown greens and store bought ones is surprising. Perhaps not as immediately noticeable as a tomato or an apple, but these leaves were stronger, had a much nicer texture, were more flavourful (particularly the parsley!) and hadn’t been handled by more than one person between the garden and the salad bowl.

There was quite a bit of weeding to get done upon my return but it turns out sitting in the soil admiring how much the herbs have grown, while pulling out plants that look suspiciously like the lettuce they’re growing near, is a perfect way to help your body adjust to jet lag and missing loved ones.


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