Is it all down to luck?

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Posted by Katharine

Despite the dry and hot weather things are growing fine and we are so close to our first real harvest. We have about 20 tomato plants that are covered in green fruit waiting to turn red, the pumpkin plants have taken over and have produced a few baseball sized, actual pumpkins, the beans and peas are starting to appear, there is broccoli in the middle of the broccoli plants and we even have tiny cucumbers. The corn is growing taller and taller, while the lettuce wont stop producing more greens than we can keep up with. In addition, while trying to weed I accidentally found out that the carrots are coming along nicely.  I can only assume our leeks and onions are doing alright too.

Basically everything is working. We have had some rabbits come and snack, but nothing serious. After earlier bug attacks the cauliflower is looking a bit dire and the eggplant is only just starting to come back but these plants still have potential. It’s amazing how everything seems to happen all at once, and so quickly, after months of waiting. Of course, now that I think about it, I can’t believe we didn’t plant any zucchini! (Check out the post over at Crackers for an excellent suggestion on what to do with abundant zucchini. If you haven’t made a cake with it yet, you haven’t lived.)

The strange thing about all this is that our neighbours had their entire garden eaten by rabbits and deer. Almost nothing was spared. I’ve literally watched entire families of these creatures wander across the property, yards from where our plants are growing, and yet they’ve left us alone. Our neighbours have not made the same attempts to secure the perimeter. They did not string up pie plates, create a string and bamboo barrier, water the plants with garlic or soapy concoctions, douse leaves with cayenne pepper nor hang pantyhose filled with carbolic soap around their garden. I did not expect these mechanisms to work as well as they did, but now I can only assume they have.

So perhaps we got lucky, perhaps it takes less to ward off a deer than I had thought, or perhaps it depends on if there is food nearby that is easier to access. Regardless, we have found a way to encourage food to grow and hope it will continue this way. Of course, we certainly could use some rain.


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