Organizing for Food Security in the Hammer on Thursday

August 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Posted by Grace

Check out this event taking place on Thursday at City Hall:

Organizing for Food Security in the Hammer!

Dear: Hamiltonians, Friends, Colleagues, Community Leaders, Gardeners, Teachers, People, Mentors, Hero’s and Agents of Change,

Are you excited, proud or flabbergasted that our City Leaders decided this 2011 season to support Food Security Initiatives by planting vegetables in the front gardens at City Hall………..Amazing right!

Well, if you are excited, proud or flabbergasted, than please join us, as we organize to thank City Leaders and encourage them to continue and support such Food Security Initiatives throughout our beautiful city.

Where: Please join us on Thursday August 18th at 6:30 pm in front of City Hall

Who: Everyone who is happy or inspired about the veggie garden at City Hall and who want to see more veggie gardens throughout the city, should definitely come!

Why: Because we are taking a group photo of everyone who supports this food security initiative (photo will be taken at 7:00 pm)

What: What will be done, with this photo…we plan to send it, with the word Thank-you super imposed on it, with an accompanying letter of praise and encouragement to the Mayor, Councilors and City Manager.

Contact: Theresa


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